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Systemline S7 NetConnect Hi-Res Network Amplifier with 6.5 inch Stereo Bathroom Speaker (Qi65CW-ST)

£539.00 (inc. VAT)
Additional Speaker Cable

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Systemline S7 NetConnect Hi-Res Network Amplifier with 6.5 inch Stereo Bathroom Speaker (Qi65CW-ST)

Multi-Room Music System using the Systemline S7 NetConnect Audio Amplifier & Q Install 6.5" Stereo Bathroom Speaker. 

Systemline look to revolutionise multi-room audio with a new low-cost ultra-compact Hi-Res network amplifier. All of your favourite services are available including Spotify Connect, Deezer, Qobuz, BBC iPlayer and internet radio etc. NetConnect is controlled by the fabulous free S7 App, so all that is required is to add speakers of choice.

The S7 NetConnect amplifier really is ‘all-in-one’, a complete multi-room audio system that just needs a pair of speakers and a network connection. Up to 8 NetConnect amplifiers can be used in one system, that is 8 zones playing the same music, or all different music, they all work as fully independent zones.
It is the first Systemline multi-room product not requiring whole house wiring, each unit can be placed in a room with local speakers, just add internet via powerline or Cat5/6 data cable if available

 Systemline S7 NetConnect Hi-Res Network Amplifier with 6.5 inch Stereo Bathroom Speaker (Qi65CW-ST)

 The system uses the S7 App to select zones and play audio from the internet such as Deezer, Spotify Connect, internet radio or BBC iPlayer live and catch up radio.

 NetConnect can playback stored music by simply inserting a USB drive into the ‘Master’ unit. It will scan the drive and add the media to the library automatically, then simply browse ‘My Music’ in the S7 App. More media can be easily added, as the master NetConnect creates a network file share, allowing new music media to be copied into the USB drive over WIFI or wired network. Alternatively, NetConnect can be used with any S7 NetServer if you require CD ripping and storage, or simply added as an additional zone in any standard S7 system.

At just 120mm x 55mm x 36mm NetConnect very compact, but don’t be fooled by its size, it is a very powerful music system capable of HIRES HIFI performance. Be prepared to be amazed at just how good the NetConnect amplifier really is.

Systemline S7 NetConnect Hi-Res Network Amplifier with 6.5 inch Stereo Bathroom Speaker (Qi65CW-ST)

Q Install 6.5" Stereo Bathroom Speaker

The Q Install Qi65CW ST is a perfect choice for any home or commercial high humidity environments, such as a sauna, bathroom, shower room or wetroom to name a few, and can withstand steam and water spray. It can also be installed outdoors, under a canopy for example.

The speaker is very discrete and low profile with its flush-mounted design. Although there are some small bezels, these are required to protect the internals from wind.

The Qi65CW is a stereo speaker and includes two separate tweeters (L & R). There is also a LF/MF speaker with a dual voice coil. This helps to provide a full stereo sound where space is limited and there is only room for one speaker, in a small shower room for example.

The speaker is easy to install and maintain. Dog-Leg fixings provide a quick and easy method to mount the speaker to the ceiling. A magnetic, removable & corrosion-resistant grille allows easy access to the mounting screws and can even be painted to fit the decor.

Systemline S7 NetConnect Hi-Res Network Amplifier with 6.5 inch Stereo Bathroom Speaker (Qi65CW-ST)

What's Included?

1 x Systemline S7 NetConnect Amplifier

1 x Q Install Qi65CW-ST 6.5" Stereo Bathroom Speaker

20m Premium Speaker Cable (Additional Cable Available)

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    Systemline S7 NetConnect Amplifier

    • Audio >192kHz/24bit Network (Gigiabit recommended)
    • Favourites/Pre-sets Changeable in the S7 app
    • Control options TCP/IP, S7 App
    • Standby consumption <0.5W
    • Mains voltage 19v – 3.43A External Power supply
    • Audio Power 35W 4 ohms
    • Total Harmonic Distortion <0.1% @ 1000Hz
    • Noise -80dBV A weighted
    • Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB, -3dB @ 45kHz @ 96kHz
    • Inputs Network (RJ45)
    • Outputs 2x Speaker L&R (IMO)
    • Control TCP/IP via Network or S7App
    • USB (Format - FAT32) x2 (only one at a time) 1.2A
    • Dimensions 46x114x85mm (HxWxD)
    • Net Weight 0.5kg

    Q Install Qi65CW-ST 6.5" Stereo Bathroom Speaker

    • Power Type: Passive
    • Colour: White (grille)
    • Shape: Circular
    • Cutout Diameter (mm): 197
    • Cutout Size (mm): 197
    • Mounting Depth (mm): 84
    • Overall Depth (mm): 84
    • Overall Diameter (mm): 230
    • Compatible Amplifier (Watts RMS): 15 - 60
    • Frequency range (Hz): 65 - 20000
    • Impedance (Ohms): 8
    • Sensitivity (dB): 87
    • Driver Size (mm): 165

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