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PA system for the Lake District Coast Aquarium

Adastra PA System for public announcements at the Lake District Coast Aquarium

Adastra PA System for public announcements at the Lake District Coast AquariumThe Lake District Coast Aquarium in Maryport contacted us as they were in need of an updated (public announcement) PA system, their existing PA equipment was underpowered and failing them.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and new safety guidelines they had to have a fully functioning PA audio system in order to make important announcements to customers and staff.


This project required the ability to make public announcements in specific areas, and play pre-recorded messages throughout the day automatically. For example; social distancing reminders, closing times and safety announcements.

Being in a marine water environment with high humidity, the equipment also had to be moisture resistant using IP rated speakers were necessary.



The amplifier chosen to power this PA system was the Adastra RM244V. Which offers excellent value for money with its 5 channels and 4 zone mixer capabilities and individual volume control for each zone.

Adastra RM244V 100V Mixer Amplifier with 4-Zone Paging, Bluetooth & EQ Controls

This multi-zone paging amplifier gave them the ability to make announcements in 4 different areas/zones individually which was ideal as the aquarium has it’s main visitor areas for aquatic viewing, plus a café and restaurant areas.


Adastra DM-8 Digital Automated Messaging Unit for scheduled audio playbackNext up was the Adastra DM-8 professional announcement system, a huge step up from the unreliable method being used before (playing a message from a smartphone). The DM-8 can play a message automatically at predetermined times of the day without any manual human intervention. Giving a safe, professional environment for aquarium visitors.


Adastra CS4 Call Station & Paging Microphone for RM244V Mixer Amplifier

Then a Adastra CS4 call station & Paging microphone was chosen to help make the announcements crystal clear, easy to make and sound very professional.


Adastra BHV Series Wall Speakers - IP44 Weatherproof, 100V or 16 Ohm, Black or White

For the speakers, we decided to use the excellent Adastra BH5V, IP44 moisture-resistant wall-mount speakers.

Being a compact design, these speakers offered an easy installation process around the aquarium as they could be placed in the most ideal locations to be heard clearly. Most importantly, the Adastra BH5V speakers are IP44 moisture resistant, ensuring they can withstand and continue to operate as normal in this high humidity environment, producing clear, high-quality audio for many years to come.


AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length) White Click to expand  AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length)  AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length) White AudioKraft Apollo Series

Professional Audiokraft Apollo speaker cable was chosen because of its strength and durability. Thanks to the thick insulation of the cable and the number of copper strands inside, it allowed for longer speaker runs to be made with no loss of volume or audio quality, and withstand any installation stress like being pulled tight or bent, ensuring a long, safe lifespan.

In summary, This Adastra PA System is the perfect choice for just about any commercial premises who need to make important announcements to customers and staff. It has a lot of functionality and flexibility for a great price. 

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