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Music and Announcement System for Oh Polly’s New Warehouse and Office

Music and Announcement System for Oh Polly’s New Warehouse and Office

Oh Polly reached out to Audio Volt as they were expanding into a new warehouse/office, and needed a music & announcement system installed to cover the main warehouse and office spaces.



Oh Polly needed the ability to control the volume across 4 zones independently, as well as being able to make announcements in each zone separately.

They also specifically requested a DAB radio to offer more stations, in order to create a positive atmosphere and avoid conflict with different music being played from multiple radios situated around the building.

The speakers needed to withstand temperature & humidity differences in the warehouse, whilst still being able to deliver good quality music playback.



“After moving into a bigger warehouse, we needed a speaker system so that the whole warehouse could be listening to the same thing. Radios did not reach across the span of the warehouse and having numerous radios also caused a delay.

After Audio Volt provided us with the PA system, all our staff can now listen to the same music throughout the warehouse. The microphone also makes announcements much easier and adds to the flow of the warehouse.

Throughout the whole process Audio Volt has assisted us in picking and installing the system and any technical problems have been fixed quickly. The staff have been so helpful and we are delighted with how easy it has been for us to get the system installed start to finish. Thanks Audio Volt!”




Inter-M DPA300Q Amplifier

We chose the Inter-M DPA300Q as this provided enough power to cover the large warehouse and office space with all 20 speakers.

Each output could also be assigned to a zone, fitting the individual volume requirements perfectly.



Monacor PA-4040MPX Mixer

We used the Monacor PA-4040MPX Mixer to feed all input into the amplifier. This gives easy access to the volume and source controls on each zone, and allows staff to choose which areas they need to make announcements to.



Monacor PDM-302 Paging Microphone

The Paging Microphone we chose was the Monacor PDM-302. We chose this as it’s very simple to operate, with both a toggle and latched switch offering flexibility when making announcements. It comes with a length of cable pre-attached to connect to the mixer, and a flexible gooseneck microphone makes it accessible for anybody to talk into.



CLB Audio WSP60 Wall-mounted Speakers

For the speakers, we chose the CLB Audio WSP60. This speaker offers excellent sound quality at a very respectable 60W RMS. It’s also built to be IP56 weather resistant, ensuring it can withstand moisture and condensation which may occur throughout the seasons.



AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length) White Click to expand  AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length)  AudioKraft Apollo Series | High-Performance Outdoor Speaker Cable (Custom Length) White AudioKraft Apollo Series

Professional Super-Heavy Duty Audiokraft Apollo speaker cable was chosen because of its strength and durability. Thanks to the thick insulation of the cable and the number of copper strands inside, it allowed for longer speaker runs to be made with no loss of volume or audio quality, and withstand any installation stress like being pulled tight or bent, ensuring a long, safe lifespan.


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